Goths Go Churching, Too: One-Eyed Doll – “Eucharist”


Kneel down and pray to One-Eyed Doll as they offer unto you the “Eucharist” of their own frightful communion. This Austin-based duo is hellbent on standing alongside venerated shock rockers like Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osborne, Trent Reznor, and Marilyn Manson. Lead singer, guitarist Kimberly Freeman is a macabre metal maiden meets bloodthirsty go-go vamp, and has been mentioned numerous times for her alluring prowess in Revolver Magazine. She’s also been ranked in the Top 20 Most Extraordinary Female Guitarists of Guitar Player Magazine due to her savage chops on the custom-made Tregan axe. That’s not to exclude producer/ drummer “Junior” (Jason Rufuss Sewell), who has a notable track record in the record business and in politics, as well.

Their newest single “Eucharist” screams of satiric sacrilege as they’ve dubbed the song’s lyricist as Jesus Christ himself – nice work if you can get it, Prince of Peace. But, it’s no heretical fallacy. The interpreted hymn is, by and large, Freeman reciting The Discourse of the Bread of Life from the Bible’s Gospel of John in Chapter 6, word for word. Ironically, the track is kind of a slow jam for One-Eyed Doll, as their normal pace is that of a semi-truck running rampant at full speed ahead. Yet, for those Catholicism fanatics out there, it weaves an eerie tapestry of pious cannibalism, to say the least. 

In reference to their collective discography, since 2006, One-Eyed Doll has released 5 full-length studio albums, a compilation and a more recent EP entitled Something Wicked, from which “Eucharist” and addon “Things of Darkness” were posthumously promoted as singles. Freeman alone has doled out 5 solo records and one seminal contribution under the pseudonym “Ghetto Princess.” Last year, the Texan duo embarked on the “Something Wicked World Tour” observing their first time laying waste overseas.

With an irresistible rabble-rouser like Freeman on the mic, One-Eyed Doll is bound for ghastly glory. On the whole, it’s a bit of a wonder how they’re not already signed, sealed and delivered into the musical mainstream. Though, after a closer autopsy, there’s no doubt it has much to do with their staunch DIY ideologies in production, marketing and iconography as a band. Such rare, authentic ambition keeps this grim duo grounded in the true artistry and pomp of their chilling vision. Hopefully, their sadistic reach won’t soon exceed their grasp as they drearily descend into goth punk notoriety.    

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