JMango360 Puts Online Retailers Ahead By Building Stunning, Feature-Rich Apps


Mobile apps are hotter than ever for entrepreneurs in this day and age, and you don’t have to be a tech wizard to build your own stage for success. The revolution of m-commerce is now more accessible to anyone with the power of JMango360—an all-inclusive mobile app builder that allows one to easily and affordably develop their own webshop application.  These pioneers make the process snappy for an immaculately finished product.

JMango360’s lineage is quite a worldly affair, starting in Melbourne, Australia, and eventually growing to Amsterdam and Vietnam. This amalgam of international philosophies has made the company a truly diverse working atmosphere where many bonds have been forged among colleagues.

RewardExpert had the pleasure of interviewing JMango360’s Chief Product Officer, Maarten Schuiling, who was able to showcase how the company is making a more prosperous future for online retailing.

Pocket Shopping

Pocket Shopping with JMango 360
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Mobile apps make things easier to operate for consumers and are favored over most mobile responsive websites. They completely streamline the online shopping experience with speedier checkouts and by being artificially aware of your merchandise preferences—but, most of all, they help to create a foundation of devoted buyers for the retailers who use them.

“The mobile shopping app excels in situations where the merchant, due to the nature of its products, sees customers returning frequently,” described Schuiling. “Mobile Apps have 3X higher conversion rate when compared to mobile websites. Imagine that 3 fold increase with a loyal customer base!”

This kind of retention is evident as JMango360 apps are fully native for ease of use, and let merchants send personalized push messages on their up-to-date products with a 90 percent read rate. They also lower shopping cart abandonment frequency from 60 percent down to 20 percent. But, more to the point, their average app rating is 4.8 out of 5.

Big Return, Low Cost

Building and designing of m-commerce apps for the iOS and Android marketplace would normally cost in the neighborhood of $50,000 and require major investment roadblocks. JMango360 offers both monthly and yearly pricing options that are far more nominal.

Customization plans start as low as $999 for a flat setup cost and $249 per month. For this, your mobile webshop app is pristinely designed, feature-rich and fully integrated for the Magento Open
Source—providing the best e-commerce platform and flexible cloud solutions to grow your retail brand. Annual subscriptions are available, and encouraged, as you’ll have full access to the SaaS plugin and see a bigger return on your personal venture. Extra support, marketing and future-proof DIY access to your app are at your fingertips, literally.

“When using our platform, the initial investment of developing a mobile shopping app is largely removed, and puts this tool in the hands of the merchants that would normally not get to play in the arena of big-budgeted companies,” confirmed Schuiling.

“As a SaaS platform, we have already taken care of the heavy lifting and continue to do so by constantly adding new features. Also, included in the subscription fee is a ‘customer success manager,’ which is very essential to new merchants in the world of apps.”

Best in Class

Best in class app building platform
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JMango360 has had a longstanding and innovative relationship working with Magento’s leading platform—the two have formed a symbiotic partnership, so to speak, and have globally transformed m-commerce solutions. In 2015, JMango360’s plugin won the “Meet Magento Best Innovation Award” for their modernization and unified synchronization of Magento webshops.

“When we defined our product, the starting premise was that the merchant would not need to ‘manage’ another channel—or have 2 sets of rules—and be completely synched with their already existing e-commerce platform,” elaborated Schuiling. “This required an immensely deep and intricate integration, far beyond what had been done at that point.”

Magento’s open-source platform is an elastic and ever-changing market which keeps JMango360 on their toes and on the forefront of innovation. Over the last few years, they’ve developed a state-of-the-art integration that is steady and resilient, and, throughout, user-friendly and available to everyone.

“The end result is a platform that allows merchants to manage their app themselves (if they want to) and are not dependent on outside help,” finalized Schuiling. “All the orders come through Magento so that they do not need to change their workflows or administrative side of things. It is ‘hassle-free.’”

To find out more about JMango360’s visionary mobile app builder, visit

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